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Suppliers – You Can’t Live Without Them!

Great relationships and open, honest communication with suppliers can reduce daily pain

These are unprecedented times with challenges we have never seen before. Maintaining a continuous supply of raw materials has become increasingly difficult since the start of the pandemic and with the on-going geopolitical uncertainty. The recent rise in oil prices is also increasing stress on everyone’s supply chains.

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How Did My Project Get So Expensive?

The Hidden Costs of Multiple Tech Transfers

Move fast. Limited funds. Novel ideas. These are consistent themes I’ve noticed in conversations with hundreds of biotechs over the last 20 years, and rightly so. However, these elements sometimes overshadow the need to evaluate the complexities and costs associated with GMP manufacturing in support of a clinical trial, along with what’s needed for manufacturing at phase III and beyond.

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BIO Convention Brings Optimism, Concerns

Timelines and Supply Chains Still Seen as Challenges

BIO International’s annual convention is one of the largest gatherings of biotechnology innovators in the world. The Aldevron team attending this year’s in-person gathering in San Diego observed that the past few years of COVID restrictions haven’t changed the high interest in our industry.

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