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CDMOs and Nanoplasmids at Biotech Week Boston

Biotech Week Boston is always an exciting time, with so many events happening at once. Vendors and participants buzz around to decide what presentations and meetings to attend, and which vendors they want to see. During the event, Aldevron had two highlighted speaking slots that attracted a good amount of attention. 

Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO) are a timely topic, which led to a panel discussion that included Aldevron Chief Scientific Officer Venkata Indurthi. During the panel, Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO Selection and External Manufacturing Best Practices, some of the topics touched on were:

  • How to select CDMO partners?
  • How are CDMOs planning for the rapid expansion in the CGT field?
  • Understanding CDMO capacities, timelines, and capabilities
  • Qualification, and quality agreements for commercial manufacturing
There was a strong turnout, with a lot of good dialogue surrounding the topic. That continued at a happy hour Aldevron hosted that evening, where we were able to share viewpoints with our clients in a more relaxed setting.  

We also had a featured presentation by Patrick Paez, Technical Marketing Manager, as he discussed, A Next-Generation Plasmid Demonstrated to Improve Non-Viral Vector Manufacturing – Nanoplasmidᵀᴹ. Paez pointed out several key Nanoplasmid benefits during the talk, including:

  • Replacing antibiotic resistance with RNA-OUT technology
  • Improving performance across multiple applications using Nanoplasmids versus traditional plasmids
  • Reducing manufacturing costs by increasing yield
Our presentations offered us an opportunity to answer a lot of questions regarding both CDMO capabilities and Nanoplasmid options. We appreciated the conversations and look forward to continuing our discussions with everyone we met at the event, and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.


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Heather Durant is a Senior Account Manager who joined Aldevron in October 2022. Prior to Aldevron, Heather was a Senior Account Manager at Nanostring Technologies, Bio-Rad Laboratories and Thermo Fisher Scientific. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology from Lehigh University.
A Dialogue on Timely TopicsOctober 18, 2023

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