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  • We have the capacity to manufacture plasmid DNA, protein, mRNA -- at any quality grade -- you need, when you need it. Select manufacturing slots are available, now.
  • We have the resources – in our people, our technology, our processes and our regulatory knowledge.
  • We have the experience. Nearly 22 years of serving the gene and cell therapy world. You had our support from our start.

Aldevron is the right manufacturing partner to help you at any stage from concept to cure.

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Recorded Presentations

Standardized Plasmids for Viral Vector Production | James Brown, Ph.D.
What are the advantages of using standardized plasmids? As James Brown explains, large scale production of these plasmids for gene therapy offer researchers the opportunity to lower costs on their projects while working with shorter timelines.

CRISPR-Associated Nucleases for Gene Editing | Max Sellman
High-quality CRISPR nucleases are critical to advancing next-generation cell therapies. Max Sellman highlights the efforts at Aldevron to develop robust manufacturing processes and quality control assays for clinical-grade SpCas9 nuclease.

Manufacturing CRISPR RNPs for Clinical Applications | Shawn Shafer, Ph.D.
Until now, there were no options for complexing GMP-grade Cas9 proteins and GMP-grade synthetic single guide RNAs (sgRNAs) as a ribonucleoprotein (RNP) in a GMP-certified process. Shafer discusses how Aldevron has created a method to complex, QC, and characterize RNP complexes under GMP conditions.

Aldevron's mRNA Capabilities | Nate Spangler, Ph.D.
With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, mRNA is showing promise in supporting breakthrough therapies for the disease. Spangler walks us through Aldevron’s mRNA platform, which offers mRNA in Research Grade to cGMP quality levels to support projects from discovery to clinical development.