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Ziopharm Oncology Taps Aldevron for Rapid Manufacturing of Personalized Therapeutics

Aldevron-Ziopharm-PartnerZiopharm Oncology, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZIOP), is collaborating with Aldevron to secure rapid neoGMP® plasmid DNA manufacturing for Ziopharm's Sleeping Beauty construct to express TCRs for treatment of solid tumors. 

Ziopharm will receive neoGMP plasmid DNA for T cell therapeutics targeting solid tumors. The innovative approach is achieved by expressing T cell receptors using the Sleeping Beauty non-viral gene transfer system.

The rapid production of Aldevron's neoGMP® service is paramount to the successful delivery of personalized cancer treatment.

The agreement represents an ongoing dedication to deliver best-in-class personalized therapeutics to patients in need.

Topics: Plasmid DNA, Partnerships, Personalized Medicine