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Aldevron News

WEBINAR: Going Non-Viral: How Cell Therapy Manufacturing is Moving Away From Viral Vectors

March 5, 2024 / by Aldevron

Are you interested in editing cells using a CRISPR-based non-viral vector capable of achieving knock-in rates of 70–90%? Don’t miss this webinar discussing this approach and the specific strategies to improve manufacturing timelines and costs.

Past and present, viral vectors have been the gold standard for cell therapy manufacturing, but novel manufacturing modalities are now emerging in the market.

Non-viral CRISPR methods with enrichment and selection systems have improved manufacturing costs, yields, and timelines.

Learn how these specific methods generate 70–90% knock-in rates in clinically relevant cells.

Join Dr John Zuris from Editas Medicine and Dr Hyatt Blake-Want, a post-doctoral scholar at Stanford and hematology-oncology resident at Cologne University Hospital, as we discuss their novel manufacturing approaches.



Part 1: Cell therapy overview and manufacturing paradigms

Part 2: A discussion of the future of cell therapies, including:

Part 3: The panel answers audience questions with an interactive Q&A.