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Aldevron News

WEBINAR: CRISPR Genome Editing Solutions from Discovery to Clinic

October 20, 2023 / by Aldevron

Among current techniques for clinical genome editing, the CRISPR-associated gene editing system has emerged as a highly advantageous method to drive development of new gene and cell therapies. Through evolving routes of direct delivery of the CRISPR-ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex, consisting of single guide RNA (sgRNA) and Cas nucleases, a non-viral approach has become increasingly in demand for gene-editing clinical trials. However, drug developers face significant challenges when initiating their clinical programs, which includes the design and production of the target-specific guides, the production of reliable, high-quality nucleases, and the ability to characterize the RNP complex for the efficient and safe delivery of a genomic therapy.

In this webinar, Oat Khodthong, PhD from Aldevron and Garrett Rettig, PhD from Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) will highlight how our partnership and services will accelerate new CRISPR-based therapies to support genomic medicine. IDT will spotlight their capabilities in chemistry and oligo production for high-quality CRISPR gRNAs, while Aldevron will detail an expertise in cGMP CRISPR nuclease and RNP manufacturing and characterization*. We have brought our synergistic services together to provide drug development partners with complete CRISPR genome editing solutions.


*Aldevron provides RNPs only to customers who are duly licensed, including to make and have made RNPs, for their intended use.