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In the news: GEN Magazine - Plasmid Manufacturer Scales Up Production Capacity to Serve New Therapeutics

A plasmid DNA manufacturer is planning to scale up its production capacity to meet the growing needs of gene therapy. Aldevron, a company based in North Dakota, expects to open a new 189,000 sq. ft facility in spring 2021 to add to their existing 70,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space.


“We currently have the biggest GMP plasmid facility in the world,” explained Michael Chambers, executive chairman and co-founder of Aldevron, in an exclusive interview with GEN. “We’re really excited to be adding to that.”

"The new facility will be GMP grade and part of the company’s journey to increase overall capacity for plasmid DNA production by 10x," said Kevin Ballinger, who joined the company as CEO last month.

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