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Aldevron News

Aldevron Signs Licensing Agreement With Genentech

August 31, 2023 / by Aldevron

Aldevron, a global leader in the custom development and manufacture of plasmid DNA, RNA, and proteins for the biotech industry, signed a licensing agreement with Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, to use Aldevron’s proprietary Nanoplasmid® vector technology.

The agreement allows Genentech to access Aldevron’s proprietary Nanoplasmid technology to manufacture novel therapies, as published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM).

“Aldevron’s next-generation Nanoplasmid vector platform provides improved gene editing performance and a higher safety profile through its small backbone, less than 500 base pairs, is more potent and devoid of bacterial encoding regions,” said Venkata Indurthi, Aldevron’s Chief Science Officer. “The antibiotic-free selection system and its high-yielding manufacturing capacity at GMP and GMP-Source® quality levels make Nanoplasmid a promising vehicle to deliver payloads for Genentech’s pipeline, and we look forward to being a reliable partner.”