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In the News: Aldevron Adds Self-Amplifying RNA to its Product Portfolio

Aldevron, a global leader in the custom development and manufacture of plasmid DNA, proteins and mRNA for the biotech industry, announced today the addition of three reporter Self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) products to its growing catalog: AldGFP saRNA™, AldSEAP saRNA™ and AldnLUC saRNA™.

Aldevron now offering saRNA

Alphavirus-derived saRNA encodes nonstructural proteins that enable self-replication, thereby allowing lower doses for genetic medicines and vaccines, and saRNA is being used to support next-generation COVID vaccine development. For these uses, Aldevron’s novel saRNA reporters enable rapid technology evaluation and delivery optimization.

“The use of saRNA to fight disease is growing exponentially and we are committed to providing our clients the highest quality biologics to support their work,” says Nate Spangler, Director of Innovation and Strategy for Aldevron. “We stock these reporter saRNAs for immediate delivery, and we can custom manufacture saRNA encoding any gene of interest."

The AldGFP saRNA™, AldSEAP saRNA™ and AldnLUC saRNA™ constructs are offered royalty free for research use only and are available in packs of 200 µg, 1mg and custom sizes.

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