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Webinar: How a Sponsored CMC Platform Accelerates mRNA Projects to the Clinic

On the pathway to GMP manufacturing in support of clinical trials, multiple technology transfers may correlate to an increase in complexity and risk to both product and timeline. The hand-off of new technologies, protocols, and materials can lead to delays or project failures.


Thursday, January 31, 2023

10 am CT/11 am ET

Aldevron is combining its unique capabilities with those of Precision Nanosystems and VanRx, Danaher Operating Companies, to provide clients with next level efficiency to support Drug Substance and Drug Product campaigns for CMC filings. The colocation of these manufacturing capabilities enables unparalleled guidance at each stage plus seamless communication and transition from development to manufacturing.

This Webinar will highlight the comprehensive set of tools that Aldevron developed to support advancing mRNA projects to clinic. In addition, an overview of the technology transfer program, analytical and process characterization, release, and stability will be discussed with an insight into Aldevron’s integrated CMC capabilities ranging from transcript design and product profile definition through encapsulation and fill/finish.


Topics: Events, mRNA