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Aldevron Enters into an Agreement with DaTaMabs to Provide Royalty Free Humanized Antibody Service

(Freiburg, Germany) Aldevron has recently entered into an Agreement with DaTaMabs allowing a fee-for-service offer to clients to develop humanised antibodies for therapeutic development starting from the target gene sequence. No additional downstream milestone or royalty claims will be made to the client.

The core technology of Aldevron is to generate antibodies by genetic immunisation. The animals are immunised intradermally with proprietary plasmid vectors allowing the target protein to be expressed by the animal to stimulate an immune response. In order to achieve this, the target protein must be brought to the cell surface to be seen by the immune system. Those proteins that normally follow such a pathway are secreted or cell surface molecules. Thus, these proteins will become correctly folded and post-translationally modified, i.e., they will be expressed in a native conformation. Aldevron Freiburg has 18 years of experience on approximately 1800 target protein targets using this technology, with an overall 84% success rate. Several of these antibodies also modulate target function. Cell-surface receptor molecules are the main targets for antibody therapy development, because these regulate cellular function through interaction with specific ligands and are accessible following systemic antibody application.

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