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Aldevron's Plasmids Used In Cancer Prevention Vaccine Trial

Aldevron client and partner, Calviri, testing vaccine to prevent cancer in trial using 800 dogs

Aldevron has the privilege of working with thousands of clients trying to solve the world’s biggest health challenges and cancer is at the top of the list. Finding a preventative therapy has long been the goal. Our partner, Calviri, is testing a vaccine in a canine trial that could lead to a treatment for humans.

Stephen-Johnston-Captioned-3The trial, which started earlier this year, is vaccinating dogs and studying the results over a period of time to determine if the vaccine will delay or prevent cancer outright.

Aldevron plasmids are a key component in the vaccine. You can watch the CNN story about the trials and the promise they hold for people worldwide. For the full news release click here.

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