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Aldevron Announces GMP Gene Synthesis Service to Support Neoantigen-based Oncology Research and other Applications

Aldevron has added GMP gene synthesis to its array of services. This expanded capability will be used primarily to support Aldevron’s clients who require rapid GMP gene synthesis for novel cancer treatments based on neoantigens. The company noted the service is not suited for routine, research-grade synthesis, for which Aldevron will continue using outside providers.  


Neoantigens are proteins generated by tumor-specific mutations that have significant potential in treating cancer. The T cell-based immune system frequently responds to these neoantigens and researchers are beginning to develop novel therapeutic approaches that selectively enhance T cell reactivity against this class of antigens.   

These approaches require manufacture of specific plasmid DNA constructs for each patient and a short production timeline from when the patient-specific neoantigen is identified. The first step in this process is synthesis of the neoantigen sequence, which Aldevron’s GMP gene synthesis service will support. 

“We are pleased to provide gene synthesis and cloning services directly to our clients to support the breakthrough discoveries they are developing,” said John BallantynePh.D., Aldevron’s Chief Scientific Officer.   

Innovation in gene and cell therapy requires reliable supply chain that protects confidential informationPersonalized medicine approaches like neoantigens also require very fast turnaround for GMP production. 

Ballantyne continued, “These services, coupled with Aldevron’s 21-year track record of clinical and commercial production of enzymes and nucleic acids, will enable our clients to have an end-to-end GMP production process that meets their compliance and timeline requirements as well as protects their intellectual property. 

Aldevron anticipates initiating projects in Q1 2020. For more information, please visit our GMP Gene Synthesis page.

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