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Advancing Every Day
You are focused on the big biological question and are poised to dramatically change millions of lives for the better. Successfully navigating through clinical trials requires a different set of core competencies and capabilities. For 25 years Aldevron has been a catalyst, advancing therapeutic and vaccine development through expert manufacturing, supporting our clients from discovery to commercialization.
  • Aldevron Founded by Michael Chambers & John Ballantyne
  • GMP-Source Developed
  • 10,000 RG Plasmid DNA Released
  • Aldevron Madison WI Location Opened
  • First GMP Plasmid Released
  • Offer Inventoried Research-Grade CAS9 Enzyme
  • TA Assoc. Investment
  • Fist to Offer Inventory cGMP SpyFi CAS9 Enzyme
  • Original GMP Facility Operational
  • Fist cGMP mRNA Mfg. & Release
  • 100,000 Plasmid DNA Lots Released
  • EQT Equity Stake
  • Linear Template Mfg. RNA COVID 19 Vaccine
  • Exp. Phase 1 of GMP Facility Operational
  • Kevin Ballinger joins as CEO
  • Phase 2 of GMP Facility Operational (RNA)
  • cGMP RNP Mfg. & Release
  • Aldevron Madison Campus Expansion & Renovation
  • Fargo Advanced Campus Expansion & Renovation
  • Aldevron Acquired by Danaher
  • Aldevron Acquires Nature Technologies
  • Phase 3 of GMP Facility Operational
  • >3,500 cGMP Plasmid DNA Lots Released
  • 165,000 Plasmid DNA Lots Released
  • Phase 4 of cGMP Facility Operational (RNA)
  • Aldevron Madison Campus Expansion & Renovation
  • Jennifer Meade named President

Aldevron’s vision: A world where every cure is possible

Our new vision reflects our 25 years of expertise, supporting new treatments, and our pledge to continue tackling rare diseases through innovation and continuous improvement. - Jennifer Meade

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Innovating Every Day: Advancing Aldevron’s Processes and People

Aldevron’s focus on innovation began in the early days, providing services to drive the development of genomic medicines. - Vijay Surapaneni

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A Paradigm Shift for mRNA

Throughout our history, Aldevron has committed to advancing every day for our customers by anticipating their needs and innovating products and services to fulfill them. In May, Aldevron announced the next step in that evolution: the expansion of our mRNA capabilities to include lipid nanoparticle (LNP) encapsulation and aseptic fill-finish.

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Aldevron’s People: Our Approach to Opportunities

To this day, we have a mindset that anything is possible, and we try to make those big dreams happen for our associates, our clients, and for the patients we serve. - Tom Foti

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VLOG: mRNA Sequence-to-Vial

Hear from our leaders on how we developed a reputation as a leader in drug development and where we’ll go next with our clients to help patients in a new way.

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Aldevron’s People: Our Passion is Unrivaled

I was particularly inspired by one father, who was told that his baby was unlikely to make it to age 10 due to a rare disease. That child is now grown and married, having benefited from a company that worked to find a cure for the disease.

You can see why I often say that at Aldevron, our passion is unrivaled. - Annie Corbin

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The Year of the Client

Imagine a world without disease. Since 1998, Aldevron has partnered with pioneers in cell and gene therapy to help make this dream a reality. We have seen incredible advancements the past 25 years, and we are proud of the role we’ve played in supporting these efforts. Like our clients however, we can never stand still. Every day brings new ideas, new opportunities, new challenges to solve. This is what Advancing Every Day means to me – disrupting the status quo, and finding new ways to serve the market in this rapidly evolving space. - Jennifer Meade

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The Patient Perspective: ‘The Work You’re Doing is Helping Me’

Tom Foti, VP/GM of Aldevron’s Protein Business Unit, spoke with James Griffin, a sickle cell patient and author of the book "Breaking Silence: Living With Sickle Cell Anemia." James has spoken at Aldevron on several occasions and inspired our employees with his positive attitude and support of medical innovation.

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The Future of RNA: A World of Opportunity

Aldevron’s history has been shaped by the company’s ability to imagine the future of possibilities in medicine and develop the products and services to help drive those visions forward. - Venkata Indurthi

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Why Our Work Matters at Aldevron

Regardless of whether our associates are operating bioreactors, developing software, analyzing markets or fulfilling the multitude of other technical jobs we do here, what really drives them is improving the lives of patients. - Sharon King

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