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Services to Support Your Scientific Needs

Aldevron offers a range of services to complement our custom plasmid, protein and antibody offerings.

RNA Production

Small-to-large-scale RNA production utilizing standard protocols or custom manufacturing options for research applications. Our linear plasmid DNA and enzyme reagents are produced internally to the highest standards.

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Cas9 Enzyme

Aldevron’s suite of Cas9 nucleases are high-quality protein alternatives to DNA and mRNA-based CRISPR-Cas9 methods designed for gene editing.

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Aldevron Storage, Distribution and Stability (ASDS)

ASDS provides a secure, monitored facility for the receipt, storage and shipment of GMP biological materials and other critical reagents.

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Gene Synthesis

Comprehensive gene synthesis to complement our best-in-class production platforms.

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Plasmids for validating DNA vaccine delivery and formulation.

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Aldevron manufactures a series of popular catalog proteins. Catalog proteins are delivered in the buffer of your choice.

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Monoclonal antibodies developed for a variety of applications including cancer, and immunology research.

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