Antibody Development

Fully customized antibody generation against any target

For close to 20 years, Aldevron has been providing transformative antibody development solutions for the most difficult targets. Our GENOVAC Antibody Technology™ is a discovery platform that supports all project types from reagent antibodies to diagnostic and therapeutic applications.  Our custom antibodies have driven innovation and been validated in numerous publications and patents by clients worldwide.

With unparalleled effectiveness in optimized genetic immunization strategies, we develop antibodies against even the most challenging targets with no need for antigen production. Our proprietary methods provide high-quality antibodies faster, without the additional cost and time required for recombinant protein purification.

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Genetic Immunization

Our core technology, genetic immunization, enables the development of antibodies against any protein target directly from DNA, electronic sequence, or accession number.

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Protein Immunization

Protein immunization enables the generation of antibodies by directly injecting antigens into the host organism.

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Peptide Immunization

Peptide immunization enables the generation of antibodies by directly injecting peptide conjugates into the host organism.

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OmniDeep® Antibody Discovery

We combine our GENOVAC Antibody Technology with Ligand’s OmniAb™ transgenic rodents for superior human antibody development.

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Catalog Antibody Products

Monoclonal antibodies developed for applications including cancer, and immunology research, many made using Aldevron's GENOVAC Antibody Technology.

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Trianni Antibody Discovery

Using Trianni Mouse™ with our GENOVAC technology allows for efficient generation of fully-human monoclonal antibodies.

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Interested in assay development requiring both antibody and protein production? We significantly reduce production times by developing your recombinant protein and specific antibodies in parallel production.

Similarly, we develop monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies through genetic immunization, providing high-quality products in a fraction of the time. Additional services include antibody purification, sequencing, characterization, and recombinant antibody production.

Interested in learning more about our biological therapeutic pipeline? Our full suite of complementary services and experts carry your project from an idea all the way through to development of a fully human recombinant antibody containing the phenotypes you desire. Contact us for more information or request an analysis.

Antibody Sequencing

Reliable antibody sequencing is critical to lead discovery and the development of therapeutic antibodies. Aldevron understands that knowledge of the variable regions is an obligatory entry point for humanization.

Filling that requirement, Aldevron’s antibody sequencing services are designed to prevent amplification of aberrant light chains and other undesirable intermediates of the immunoglobulin gene maturation process. We provide:

  • Variable region sequencing
  • Variable-plus leader region sequencing
  • Full-length heavy and light chain sequencing

Our sequencing projects begin with flash-frozen or RNA-stabilized hybridoma cells, concludingwith a detailed project report that includes subsequent trace files and complete, annotated sequences of the relevant regions.



Emerging as the leader in the use of transgenic animal platforms for the generation of fully human, monoclonal antibodies, such as the OmniAb™ Antibodies, we assist in accelerating the development of therapeutic antibodies. Coupled with our ability to target difficult proteins such as protein complexes, GPCRs, and ion channels, you truly gain the Aldevron advantage.

Research reagents

As a pioneer in the field of genetic immunization, our antibody development team has successfully applied this technology to numerous target proteins with a very high success rate. Get in touch with us today to see how we can accelerate your research.

Diagnostic antibodies

Our analytical team will customize the production of antibodies to your target of interest to optimize rapidity, reliability, versatility and/or sensitivity for your diagnostic needs. We put our proprietary technologies and dedication to excellence to work for you.