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Epo-R Antibodies: A Paradigm for Antibody-Specificity Testing

This 30-minute presentation summarizes the results of a European consortium to develop and test anti-Epo-R antibodies in different assays that confirm their specificity. Recombinant erythropoietin (Epo) has often been used in the past to treat patients suffering from anemia to improve red blood cell mass. For cancer patients, anemia is a poor prognostic survival factor.

Epo stimulates progenitor erythroblasts to differentiate and proliferate through interaction with its cell receptors, Epo-R which may also be present in cancer cells. This requires highly specific antibodies to be used in order to identify tumors expressing Epo-R which are not currently available commercially. Dr. John Thompson highlights the assays used in this research project as one of the applications of Aldevron’s GENOVAC Antibody Technology.

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Producing Ancillary Reagents for GMP Manufacturing of T-Cell Therapies

During this webinar session, Emma Christy of Aldevron explains how the production of raw materials such as plasmids, lentiviruses, and mRNA are an important consideration when manufacturing autologous and allogenic cell therapies. Raw material used in a GMP process must meet both FDA regulations and the requirements of a successful business model. Organizations developing cell therapies must identify optimal raw material strategies to transition to commercialization without compromising quality. Emma discusses a spectrum of manufacturing and regulatory requirements used to manufacture raw materials and how these choices influence cost and delivery time. In particular, she will share case studies wherein plasmid DNA was produced for subsequent use in an autologous therapy product. We will review the manufacturing technology and process as well as the quality oversight. She also discusses different quality assurance strategies and storage/stability options.

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