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Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Services Brochure

Get an overview of Aldevron's research-grade, GMP-Source, and GMP Plasmid DNA manufacturing services along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Download our Plasmid Brochure (PDF)

Protein Manufacturing Services Brochure

Learn more about Aldevron's Protein manufacturing services and an overview of the production process.

Download our Protein Brochure (PDF)

Antibody Manufacturing Services Brochure

Find out more information about Aldevron's GENOVACTM Antibody Technology that provides antibodies with no need for antigen production.

Download our Antibody Brochure (PDF)

IVT Enzymes Product Guide

A summary of Aldevron’s in vitro transcription (IVT) enzymes in comparison to enzymes of similar products offered by other biotechnology companies.

Download our IVT Enzyme Product Guide (PDF)

 Cas9 Product Guide

An overview of Aldevron’s Cas9 nucleases, suggested applications, quality specifications and competitive comparison to products from other biotechnology companies.

Download our Cas9 Product Guide (PDF)

 Monoclonal Antibodies

Our catalog monoclonal antibodies have been developed for many applications, including cancer and immunology research. These antibodies are developed using Aldevron's exclusive GENOVAC Antibody Technology. 

View all of our available catalog antibodies