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Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Services Brochure

Get an overview of Aldevron's research-grade, GMP-Source, and GMP Plasmid DNA manufacturing services along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Protein Manufacturing Services Brochure

Learn more about Aldevron's Protein manufacturing services and an overview of the production process.

Antibody Manufacturing Services Brochure

Find out more information about Aldevron's GENOVACTM Antibody Technology that provides antibodies with no need for antigen production.

mRNA Manufacturing Services Brochure

Aldevron's mRNA platform provides larger quantities, consistent quality and high levels of purity using our dedicated manufacturing platform.

pALD Lentivirus Products 

pALD Lenti product line of pALD-Rev, pALD-VSV-G and pALD-GagPol packaging plasmids offer the highest quality, optimized for any recombinant lentiviral vector production.

Advantages of standardization and large-scale manufacturing of helper plasmids for viral vector production

First presented at ASGCT 2019, this poster summarizes how standardization and large-scale production of helper plasmids represent an opportunity to significantly reduce timeline, cost, and risk.

 pALD-X80 for rAAV Production

Based on the widely used pXX6-80 rAAV helper plasmid, pALD-X80 is available as an
off-the-shelf catalog item. Available in research, GMP-Source™ and GMP quality grades.

CRISPR-Associated Nucleases

Aldevron specializes in CRISPR nuclease products as well as custom nuclease development and manufacturing services supporting research, clinical and commercial use.

 GMP-SourceTM Quality Grade

Our GMP-Source (GMP-S) service is a unique manufacturing solution enabling you to reach early clinical milestones while exceeding budget and timeline goals. You can then transition seamlessly into late phase clinical trials and commercialization using our full GMP service.