pALD Lenti Products

Lentiviral vector plasmids

Aldevron's pALD Lenti packaging plasmids are optimized for lentiviral vector production and have immediate availability, eliminating the need to manufacture custom batches. This reduces your costs and significantly reduces time to manufacture vectors for clinical trials. We also provide the pALD Lenti system free of charge for research applications (quantities limited).

Our system has several advantages:

  • Immediately available at Research Grade, with GMP-SourceTM available in summer 2019. For GMP quality, please contact us using the form below
  • Royalty free, with no pass-through costs after purchase for any use or application
  • Demonstrated performance producing high-quality lentiviral vectors

pALD-Lentivirus-Products graphicWe provide three packaging plasmids and an expression plasmid for coding the gene of interest, including pALD-RevpALD-VSV-GpALD-GagPol and pALD-LentiEGFP. We can clone your gene of interest into the pALD-Lenti expression plasmid, replacing the EGFP sequence. 

A solution from early research through commercial development

With our pALD Lenti system, you choose the quality grade that fits your needs and stage of development, with the assurance that these royalty-free products will be available when needed. The system has been optimized and represents the state of the art in lentiviral vector production, including:

  • Codon optimization of pALD-Rev, pALD-VSV-G, pALD-Lenti
  • Vector backbones minimized
  • Minimization of homology with HIV/VSV
  • Minimization of inter-cassette homologylentivirus graph

In addition to the optimized design, lentiviral vectors produced with pALD Lenti transfect cells at a higher rate than commercially available kits with infectious titers in the range of 5 x 107/ml. 

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pALD-Lenti Maps


pALD-Rev sequence-web


pALD-VSV sequence-web


pALD-GagPol sequence-web


for pALD-LentiEGFP sequence-web


pALD-Rev sequence-web


pALD-VSV sequence-web


pALD-GagPol sequence-web


for pALD-LentiEGFP sequence-web