Aldevron's Cas9 nuclease is wild type S. pyogenes Cas9 protein. Cas9 protein and guide RNA form a ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex that identifies a specific site and cleaves double-stranded DNA. Since transcription and translation are not required, the Cas9 complex can quickly perform its function and rapidly clear from the cell.

How Aldevron's Cas9 Enzymes Work

By incorporating nuclear localization signals on one or both termini, Cas9 traverses the nuclear membrane to edit DNA with high efficiency. Aldevron's Cas9 nucleases are designed for multiple delivery methods, including electroporation, transfection, microinjection and whole animal applications.

In addition to the existing formats, Aldevron Cas9 nucleases can be customized to suit specific needs. These are the SpCas9 and AsCpf1 nucleases available from Aldevron:


Advantages of Cas9

The benefits of using Cas9 in protein form include reduced off-target effects, immediate activity (no need to transcribe and/or translate), and controlled dosage. Our Cas9 products are available in pre-defined formulations and custom options.

Testimonials for Aldevron Cas 9

"The Aldevron reagent is of the highest quality and is utilized exclusively and extensively for our gene targeting experiments. The high concentration allows us to modify primary cells efficiently and also lets us use guide RNA transcripts that are generated with standard RNA bases. This is an important determinant as the need for specialized chemistries to protect the transcript requires extra time and money."