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Opportunities at Aldevron

Fargo, North Dakota
  • Technical Writer

    Open or Close
    The role of the Technical Writer will be to work as a resource in writing, reviewing, implementing, and maintaining technical documents for our GMP Production area. Documents include, but are not limited to, standard operating procedures, production records, Master Batch Records and process development reports. Key responsibilities and duties include the ability to organize and write required documents per established organizational guidelines.

    Essential job functions and duties include:

    • Create, update, review, and sign off on new and/or revised Standard Operating Procedures, Production Records, Master Batch Records, and Forms;
    • Work closely with Manufacturing and Quality Assurance to ensure all processes conform to quality requirements;
    • Manage timelines and direct others as needed in documentation workflows;
    • Discuss project status directly with key clients;
    • Consult with the technical team and other subject matter experts to ensure common understanding of publications and related materials to be produced;
    • Remain current on new developments in technical writing, editing and publishing;
    • Report, review and update technical metrics as requested or needed;
    • Respond to Director of Bio-Manufacturing as assigned with accurate and timely work to facilitate the needs of the organization.

    Qualifications and skills:
    • Excellent English, Communication and Technical Writing skills;
    • 2+ years of experience in Technical Writing or Communications with demonstrated growth in your responsibilities over time;
    • Bachelor’s Degree in English or Communications with an editing or writing emphasis;
    • Prior work in a GMP manufacturing environment is preferred;
    • A demonstrated history of progressive accountability;
    • Fluency in Microsoft Office and Outlook;
    • Witness new processes and be able to develop written processes that meet all quality requirements;
    • Engage with all levels and within the organization, and at the same time, the willingness to roll up your sleeves in order to make things happen;
    • Deliver high quality work for the GMP;
    • Work in a flexible manner; The ability to self-start and self-manage;
    • Have a meticulous attention to detail.

    This position will be located in of our Fargo office and will report to the Director of Bio-Manufacturing. This function will work closely with several levels of the organization to provide technical writing requirements that will be used throughout the organization.

    Aldevron offers a competitive compensation and benefit package. This position is located in our Fargo, N.D. corporate office.

    To Apply

    Send a cover letter, resume, and three references to: recruiting@aldevron.com
  • GMP Production Scientist

    Open or Close
    The Production Scientist will work daily within Aldevron’s labs performing tasks associated with Aldevron’s GMP and GMP-Source (GMP-S) services. The Production Scientist is expected to become familiar with all of Aldevron’s products and to be able to perform most tasks associated with the purification of plasmid DNA.

    Essential job functions and duties include:
    • Segregation, line clearance, and cleaning of GMP/GMP-S production areas.
    • Assembly and segregation of all raw material and equipment resources for GMP/GMP-S production runs.
    • Execution of GMP/GMP-S projects and special considerations associated.
    • Completion of all documentation associated with GMP/GMP-S projects.
    • Equipment calibration and preventative maintenance.
    • Assisting in writing and completing Manufacturing Summary Reports after GMP/GMP-S project completion, Standard Operating Procedures, and Master Batch Records as needed.
    • Assist with the maintenance of personal training record (production training, safety training, etc)
    • Initiation and completion of deviation paperwork, and other required documents.

    Knowledge/Education Requirements:
    • High School Diploma
    • BS Degree in Biology, Chemistry, or Molecular Biology preferred.

    Functions and skills:
    • Speak and write fluently in English.
    • Apply basic math (arithmetic, ratios, proportions and conversions).
    • Have good depth perception and steady hands as would be needed for pipetting into small vials.
    • Have good manual dexterity as needed for shaking, moving, agitating, etc. glass vials and bottles.
    • Lifting and moving boxes of 35 lbs. or less.
    • Work as a team member.
    • Following written procedures, and written and verbal directions.
    • Keep records and maintain files.
    • Use computer and computer keyboard.
    • Good communication skills as needed for reporting, documentation, and scheduling.
    • Adhere to safety, health, and sanitation procedures.
    • Ability to stand for long portions of time and manipulate large equipment.
    • Good organizational skills.
    • Ability to self-report mistakes or concerns to their manager.
    • Follow-through on methodology, understanding that bacteria are living organisms that do not adhere to a schedule.

    This position will be located in of our Fargo office.

    Aldevron offers a competitive compensation and benefit package. This position is located in our Fargo, N.D. corporate office.

    To Apply

    Send a cover letter, resume, and three references to: recruiting@aldevron.com
Madison, Wisconsin
  • Scientist III, Protein Purification & Assays

    Open or Close
    The Scientist III, Protein Purification & Assays is a competent professional that has both research and manufacturing experience in the Life Science industry. This individual independently selects and applies techniques and procedures to projects of advanced complexity in the area of recombinant protein expression and purification. Additionally, the Scientist III must have significant experience in the design, execution and analysis of protein characterization assays, including enzymatic, biophysical, and ELISA. This individual seeks continual improvement of work practices, modifying or adapting new or existing methods and protocols and is expected to technically support Client interactions on phone calls and in-person client meetings. The Scientist III may supervise other scientists.

    The Scientist III will work daily in the lab performing tasks associated with expression, purification and characterization of recombinant proteins and antibodies. Tasks include, but are not limited to:

    • Independently design, execute and analyze enzymatic and biophyscial assays for purposes of protein characterization
    • Independently design and execute novel purification strategies for target proteins
    • Develop project plans in collaboration with Aldevron staff and clients
    • Execute project plans according to all specifications, including time-line and budget
    • Serve as a technical resource in the field of protein biochemistry to Aldevron colleagues and clients
    • Maintain meticulous records, report results of scientific experiments and manufacturing runs accurately and in a timely manner
    • Lead technical discussions with Clients, including reporting of results and formulation of project plans
    • Generate technical documents, including project reports, certificates of analysis and PowerPoint presentations
    • Write SOPs for critical laboratory activities and assays
    • May supervise other scientists
    • Demonstrate high ethical standards and trustworthiness

    • Degree and scientific expertise in the fields of protein expression, purification, biophysical and enzymatic assays
    • Experience with and detailed understanding of common strategies and techniques for biophysical and enzymatic characterization of proteins including, but not limited to, determination of kcat, Km, Kd and Ki.
    • Passion for ‘hands-on’ work in a laboratory setting
    • Passion for continuous learning and improvement
    • Ability to productively work on multiple projects simultaneously
    • Flexibility and a willingness to work in a fast-paced environment that at times require working hours in excess of a standard working day
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills for communications with clients and internal presentations
    • Ability to assist in writing project proposals
    • Experience using equipment commonly used for the purification of proteins
    • Demonstrated success in the expression, purification and characterization of proteins
    • Contribute to the identification, evaluation and implementation of new laboratory equipment and novel scientific methods
    • Assist the Client Relations team by meeting with clients in person or via teleconference
    • Adhere to all Company environmental (EHS) procedures

    Knowledge/Education Requirements
    Bachelors Degree (or equivalent) in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry or closely related field

    5-10 yrs of hands-on experience in assay development, protein expression, purification, characterization. Research, process development and manufacturing experience a plus.

    Aldevron offers a competitive compensation and benefit package. This position is located in our Madison office.

    To Apply

    Send a cover letter, resume, and three references to: recruiting@aldevron.com
  • Client Relations Manager, Protein Services

    Open or Close
    The Client Relations Manager will work work with the Protein Services team while independently defining daily and weekly plans to build client relationships.

    • Passion for science and relationship building with clients. Ability to prospect, build relationships and close new business.
    • Ability to develop detailed project plans, prioritize tasks and allocate resources to achieve company and client objectives.
    • Ability to effective manage client expectation through honest consistent communication with the confidence to deliver good and some times disappointing scientific results.
    • Ability to prioritize and reprioritize activities as needed in response to unexpected project outcomes, client requests or new projects requiring immediate attention.
    • Meet with clients in person and over the phone to understand needs, communicate project information and support business development efforts.
    • Willingness to work in a demanding, client-focused environment and on occasion during hours outside a standard workday and week.
    • Understanding of basic accounting principles including price, cost structure, gross margin and profit.
    • Desire to work in a team orientated Client Relations environment and actively share leads and trust colleagues.
    • Ability to work with scientific personnel to trouble-shoot scientific problems encountered by clients.
    • Willingness and passion for continual contribution to process improvement.
    • Self motivated individual with the ability to affectively manage time and resources. May be required to perform other related duties as required and/or assigned.

    Principal Accountabilities:
    • CEO, VP & GM Aldevron Madison, VP Sales, Client Relations team members, Technical Team, Project Management Team, Quality Group

    Principal Interactions:

    • Clients, Commercial Operations, Client Relations Team Members and Scientific and Project Management staff in Madison, Fargo and Freiburg.

    Knowledge/Education Requirements:
    • Advanced scientific degree preferred with previous training and experience in a client facing role

    Essential Functions and Skills:

    • Speak and write fluently in English Excellent computer skills
    • Ability to travel

    Aldevron offers a competitive compensation and benefit package. This position is located in our Madison office.

    To Apply

    Send a cover letter, resume, and three references to: recruiting@aldevron.com
Freiburg, Germany
There are currently no positions available at Aldevron's Freiburg location. If you would like to have your information on file for future opportunities, please send a cover letter and resume/CV to recruiting@aldevron.com